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  • What's the shipping weight and dimensions of T30 package?
    Here is the shipping weight and dimensions, T30 drone: 95 lbs, 47in × 27in × 42in T30 battery (One included) : 24 lbs, 15in × 12in × 8in T30 charger (One included): 28 lbs, 15in × 14in × 10in Just to know, the shipping is free to any address inside the USA.
  • What's included with MG-1 package?
    The MG-1 package comes with one new DJI MG-1 drone with all in-box including the remote control, tank and sprinkler's kits. Also, it comes with one free 4 port battery charger and the shipping is free to any address inside the United States. The batteries are sold separately and the price is 548$/pcs and the shipping is free too.
  • Where I can find my invoice?
    We put your invoice inside the box before we ship it, and it has all our contact information in case if you need something. You can also find it on our website, also; we can e-mail a copy to you if you want.
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