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DJI AGRAS T25 redefines standards for compact agricultural drones. Light and nimble, DJI AGRAS T25 can easily be handled by one person. It can carry a spraying payload up to 20 kgor a spreading payload up to 25 kg. DJI AGRAS T25 is equipped with Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, a Binocular Vision System, and a high resolution FPV gimbal camera. DJI AGRAS T25 supports multiple missions, from surveying to spraying and spreading and excels across a variety of terrains.


Light and Nimble:

Foldable and simple for solo operation
Small for easy takeoff and landing


Spray or Spread:

20 kg spraying tank, 16 L/min flow rate
25 kg spreading tank, 72 kg/min flow rate


Signal Stability:

Offline operations
2 km O3 Transmission
Optional DJI Relay


All Scenario Adaptability:

Fully automatic and manual operation
Orchard Mode
Variable Rate Application


All Scenario Adaptability:

Fully automatic and manual operation
Orchard Mode
Variable Rate Application


Four Sprinkler Kit (Optional):

Reverse Directional Spray During Flight
4-sprinkler spraying, flow rate 24 L/min


Field Operations:

12 hectares per hour


Spreading Operations:

1,000 kg of granules per hour


Foldable, Flexible, Functional:

DJI AGRAS 25 adopts a lightweight, foldable design. Optimized for solo operations, its unfolded dimensions have been reduced by 21% compared with its predecessor. Transport, fold, takeoff, and land with flexibility.


Additional Sprinklers to Simplify Spraying:

DJI AGRAS T25 can be equipped with an additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers for four sprinkler spraying. When flying manually, use Reverse Directional Spray to simplify operations without having to make turns. DJI AGRAS T25 is equipped with a high-resolution FPV gimbal camera which enables viewing the surrounding environment in real time for safer operations.


Spraying System:

High Rate, Atomized Spray, Leak Free:

DJI AGRAS T25's Dual Atomizing Spraying System provides an ultra-large flow rate of up to 16 L/min (2-sprinkler spraying). It produces uniform and fine spray droplets, and does not leak. DJI AGRAS T25 can be equipped with an additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers, increasing flow rate to 24 L/min (4-sprinkler spraying) for operations that require high application volume, increasing spraying scope, operation efficiency, and leaf coverage.


Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump:

Dual pump flow rate of up to 24 L/min. This is a 100% increase compared with the previous generation, to meet demands of fields, orchards, and high-temperature environments.

Dual Atomizing Centrifugal Sprinklers:

Droplet size can be adjusted between 50-500 μm, depending on the chemicals used.


Brand-New Solenoid Valves:

Precision starting and stopping eliminates leaking.


DJI AGRAS T25 Spreading System:

Spread with Speed:

DJI AGRAS T25's new spreader and spiral channel spinning disk significantly improve spreading efficiency and smoothness.


25 kg Payload:

35 L max capacity and an expanded loading gate for quick refills.


Uniform Spreading:

Switch to smaller hopper gates for more accurate low flow rate spreading. Paired with the spiral channel spinning disk, spreading is more uniform.


Real-Time Weighing:

DJI AGRAS T25 is equipped with a weighing sensor which allows you to monitor the remaining payload in real time.


Fast Disassembly and Cleaning

The spreader can be quickly disassembled and cleaned for easy maintenance.


Tested for reliability, durability and safety:

Spraying and spreading operations are frequent, intense, and take place in complex environments. DJI AGRAS T25 has passed hundreds of reliability tests and its main body is durable to help ensure safe operation.


Double your peace of mind with Binocular Vision and Dual Radar:

DJI AGRAS T25 is equipped with front and rear Active Phased Array Radars with double the number of RF channels for higher detection precision. Together they enable Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing, elevating operating safety. Two sets of Binocular Vision sensors enable DJI AGRAS T25 to accurately sense terrain and depict obstacles in detail, for automatic obstacle bypassing and Terrain Following over steep slopes.


One drone for surveying, spraying, and spreading:

DJI AGRAS T25 integrates aerial surveying, spraying, and spreading into a single drone. A high-resolution FPV gimbal camera enables real-time capture of field and orchard images. Paired with DJI RC Plus and RTK service, you can generate high definition maps which underpin subsequent automated flight routes. DJI AGRAS T25 can take off and perform automated operations, all at the push of a button.


Orchard Aerial Survey:

DJI AGRAS T25 supports obstacle bypassing and Terrain Following for surveying of orchards on slopes up to 20°. With DJI RC Plus and its real-time mapping capabilities, it can automatically identify fruit trees and obstacles. Based on the distribution of the fruit trees, it can generate accurate and fully automatic 3D flight routes.


5 hectare orchard mapped in 10 minutes:

Orchard 3D Map


Field Aerial Survey:

Area Route Mapping of 13 hectare field in 10 minutes:

Survey the entire field, automatically identify field boundaries and obstacles, and plan more precise flight routes.


Boundary Route 13 hectare field boundary mapped in 3 minutes:

Suitable for fields without obstacles in the middle. Allows for quick plotting of field boundaries and efficient aerial surveying.




  • 1 x DJI Agras T25 Drone FCC + 65W Charger Combo
  • 1 x DJI 2-port intelligent charger
  • 1 x DJI T25 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1 x Spraying System
  • 1 x Remote Controller Plus
  • 1 x DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery for remote
  • 1 x Battery Cooling Kit
  • One Year DJI Official Warranty

One Year DJI Terra Subscription ($300 annual subscription, first-year included)



DJI AGRAS T25 (FCC) with a charger and 1 battery

  • DJI AGRAS T25 with a charger and 1 battery

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